Paintball is a very safe sport if you follow some simple rules.

 Mask on at all time while on the field.  (This is the #1 rule!!!)

 Barrel sleeves must be on your marker (gun) at all times when not playing on the field. (barrel plugs not allowed) 

  Every player will have to fill out a safety wavier and go though a safety briefing before being allowed to play. Must be at least 10 years old to play                          (if player is under 18 they must have a adult present to sign safety wavier)

  During the safety briefing at the field you will get all the rules that apply at    Old River Paintball

 There will be a Ref on the field at all time during play, if you get caught breaking the rules you will be ejected from play .                                                  (So follow the rules and have fun)

Please print and fill out   Waiver   before you arrive, to save time at field!