Please print and fill out before you arrive, Thank you!

  In order to participate in these activities, I under sign agree and acknowledge that:
  There is risk including a potential for permanent disability or death resulting from participation in these activities or from equipment involved.
  I freely assume all such risks both know and unknown and assume full responsibility for my participation.  
  I have read and understand the rules, including all safety related rules, and agree to fully comply with all during my participation.
  I for myself on behalf of heirs assign personal representatives and next of kin hereby release and hold harmless.
Old River Paintball their heir, officials, agents and or employees, from any and all liability for injury, disability, death loss or damage to personal property  
   It is understood and agreed that this release is made in order to induce Old River Paintball to allow the undersigned to participate in the event herein referenced  and that such inducement is material in Old River Paintballs decision to allow the undersigned to participate. Furthermore, the undersigned agrees to follow and abide by the letter and spirit of the rules or safety and play as defined by Old River Paintball and /or its representatives. Specifically the undersigned agrees to wear a mask at all times while playing on  the field-AND while off the field within 200 feet of any non netted field boundary- eye protection approved by ASTM, Old River Paintball and/or it's representatives.
  I understand and agree that I have read this release of liability and assume all risk associated with participating and that I sign this release of liability voluntarily and without inducement.
PARTICIPANTS NAME (PLEASE PRINT) _____________________________________________
PARTICIPANTS SIGNATURE ______________________________________DATE  ___________   
HOME ADDRESS ______________________________________________________________
EMAIL ___________________________________________DATE OF BIRTH_______________
                 All players under the age of 18 at the time of play must have parent or guardian sign below.

The undersigned parent or guardian hereby gives permission for Old River Paintball to authorize emergency medical treatment as may be deemed necessary for the child named above, while playing paintball games on/at the host field from this date _____________ through the end of the year.
I certify that I am the parent or guardian with legal responsibility for the above signed participant and agree to his/her release. I also agree to indemnify the above named companies and individuals from all liabilities resulting from participation in these activities for myself, my heirs, assign and next of kin.
I assume all financial and legal responsibility for medical treatment   
SIGNATURE OF GUARDING _____________________________DATE ____________________